How We Work

Bariatric Wisdom is not a weight loss program. We don’t give you temporary solutions. We work to help each client find the tools, mindset, and motivation to make the life choices that will bring them the most joy and contentment.

We want you to be healthy and happy. The journey from where you are today to feeling joy and contentment starts with learning to identify what is holding you back.

People can only gain control over their lives when they have the right:




Our programs work by providing education about what changes you need to make and how to make those changes. We also show you techniques for applying that knowledge in your daily life and give you chances to improve your skills. Lastly, all along the way we give you support that encourages you and holds you accountable.

Our program was designed using an evidence based approach. We studied what works best for weight loss patients and applied those principles to our programs and systems.

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