Why We Do It

Why would three former bariatric surgery patients band together to help other patients?

We each have had our own unique journey and challenges. For each of us weight loss surgery was literally a life saving moment. We went to support groups and we gained strength from that community. Each of felt a strong need to give back.

At first we used our professional skills to give back by leading weight loss surgery support groups. These were incredible. We met amazing people and saw stunning personal transformations.

But, we were also limited. We could only help so many people in a single support group. We also knew firsthand too many people who did not have access to a support group because they had their surgery in Mexico, or they moved, or they experienced a change in insurance providers. For some, after weight gain, it is just too hard to walk back into a support group. We get it.

We wanted to be able to help people no matter where in the world they lived. We wanted to share the tolls we had had picked up with as many people as possible.

The goal of BARIATRIC WISDOM is to make sure nobody has to go through this experience alone. You belong here.

The issues that often lead to having to undergo weight loss surgery don’t disappear with the weight after your surgery. The reason so many people struggle with regain and feelings of frustration and self-loathing aren’t because the surgery didn’t work. They are because they have only addressed the physical part of the problem. The mental and emotional sides still need to be dealt with.

We have found that there are not any other effective programs to help people overcome the self-sabotage issues that affect so many bariatric surgery patients. So, we decided to do something about it.

The reason we created Bariatric Wisdom was because we knew that you needed our help, and we were not willing to let a small things like time or distance stop us from helping you.

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